NSFHSA Strongly Against YNN Invasion

March 25, 1999

At their March Board of Directors' meeting, the Nova Scotia Federation reaffirmed their position against the Youth News Network proposal. The officially recognized voice of parents in the province of Nova Scotia is appalled that we even have to debate this issue again in the Regional School Boards of the province.

The idea of forcing our children to sit and watch 12 Omega minutes of the YNN programming is unbelievable. Parents of NS want the schools of the province teaching their children and youth, not trading their education time for glitzy technology.

As President of the NSFHSA, Sandra Himmelman has written the Minister of Education and Culture, Mr. Gaudet and sent a copy of her letter to all the education partners of the province. She has also directed a letter to all the Chairperson of the Regional School Boards, including an information package on the YNN Issue. She welcomes them to pass the information on to all the School Board Members.

"I feel all the School Board Members in the province should be on top of the YNN issue. After Mr. Don Trider's comments this week, as superintendent of the Halifax Regional School Board, I am sincerely disappointed in his opinion and hope the other leaders in the education system of Nova Scotia show the parents that they value students more than technology funding."

We urge all parents of NS to speak out loudly at the Regional School Board level. Write and call your school board members and let then know how dangerous the YNN proposal will be to your children.

She also encourages the Minister of Education and Culture of NS to speak out loudly in a timely fashion, on behalf of the children, by saying No to YNN in Nova Scotia and allowing our boards to concentrate on education.

Please direct any questions to:
Sandra Himmelman,
President NSFHSA
Phone: 902-688-2463
Fax: 902-688-1302