Nova Scotia Says No to YNN


Department of Education and Culture
March 31, 1999

The Youth News Network (YNN) is being turned off in Nova Scotia. That's the decision of Education and Culture Minister Wayne Gaudet after he listened to education partners and reviewed the proposal with YNN officials.

In evaluating the proposal, Mr. Gaudet said he had one concern only: Can YNN benefit students in the classroom?

"After listening to parents, teachers, school boards, and learning more about the proposal, it's time to turn the Youth News Network off in Nova Scotia," Mr. Gaudet said.

YNN proposes giving high schools technology in return for compulsory student viewing of newscasts and advertising. The news and ad time would take up 12.5 minutes of class time a day.

Mr. Gaudet is concerned about this loss of class time, as well as the television commercials and the fact that teachers would have less control over what is shown in the classroom.

"Every minute taken away from classroom time is an opportunity lost," Mr. Gaudet said. "You can't replace that time with your teacher with a television screen."

As YNN is being turned away, Nova Scotia will soon begin delivering 6,000 computers to 180 junior high and high schools across the province over the next three years. All Nova Scotia schools are also now connected to the Internet.

"We support technology in our schools, but through investment, not television ads," Mr. Gaudet said.

In his statement to the legislature, Mr. Gaudet concluded: "We evaluate each partnership on its merit and we continue to support partnerships that are good for students. Unfortunately, YNN does not pass the test."

Contact: Donna MacDonald
Department of Education