CAMEO Efforts Related To YNN


Youth News Network (YNN) is a Canadian organization operating under the name of Athena Educational Partners, Inc. It is best described as a copy of the US program, Channel One, although there are no proven connections between the two enterprises . Since 1992, Rod MacDonald, YNN's proprietor, has been trying to establish the YNN program in Canadian high schools - so far without success.

YNN operates on the basis of requiring schools to have their student population view a daily 12.5 minute video program provided by YNN. The program consists of some 10 minutes of "news" and "current events" reporting, and 2.5 minutes of commercials. One 30second spot in the 2.5 commercial minutes is said to be set aside for public service announcements (PSAs). For signing a five-year contract the school receives the loan of some electronic equipment in the form of video monitors in each teaching space, some video and editing equipment, some computers, a satellite hook-up and wiring.

YNN promises to develop other services that could be operated using the same equipment, such as satellite fed curriculum materials, inservice programs for teachers and adult education programs. In some of these instances it is suggested that YNN should enjoy use of space in the school without charge. There are also rumours from YNN of future deals of revenue sharing.

A number of groups and organizations have organized themselves into a loose alliance to resist the advent of YNN in Canadian schools. This alliance includes teacher groups, organizations and federations, organized parent groups, student groups, religious groups, media educators among many others. The opposition to YNN is based upon many problems which the program raises, all of which are fully discussed in the pages that follow in this website.

Two of these issues arise constantly:

  1. no commercial "partnership" in schools must ever be allowed to have access to compulsory time in the daily schedule of all students

  2. the ethical issue of the introduction of commercial messages for compulsory viewing by all students as a daily activity is not negotiable.

This page contains a number of articles from the press, essays by advocates, letters, charts, statistics, opinion pieces and reports.

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