Groups Opposed to YNN - as of March 31, 2000

Here is a sampling of the organizations (provided by CAMEO - Canadian Association of Media Education Organizations) which have spoken out against YNN in the schools:

National Organizations:

Alliance for Children and Television

Cable in the Classroom (includes CBC, CHUM and Shaw)
Canadian Association for Media Education Organizations

Canadian Association of Retired Teachers
Canadian Home and School and Parent-Teacher Federation
Canadian Teachers' Federation
Conference of Catholic Bishops
Council of Canadians
Parents Against Commercial Television in the Schools

Provincial Organizations

British Columbia

British Columbia Teachers' Federation

British Columbia Ministry of Education (YNN not allowed in BC schools)
Canadian Association for Media Education (British Columbia)



Alberta Association for Media Awareness

Alberta Home and School Association
Alberta Teachers' Association
Calgary Catholic School Board
Parents Against Commercial TV in the Schools


Media Literacy Saskatchewan

Saskatchewan Teacher's Association


Manitoba Association for Media Literacy

Manitoba Ministry of Education [YNN Banned from Manitoba schools]

Manitoba Teacher's Society




Association for Media Literacy
Institute for Catholic Education
Ontario Conference of Catholic Bishops

Ontario Education Alliance

Ontario Elementary Teachers
Ontario English Catholic Teachers' Association
Ontario English Teachers' Association
Ontario Federation of Home and School Associations

Ontario Federation of Labour

Ontario Liberal Party

Ontario New Democratic Party
Ontario Public School Teacher's and Training Federation
Ontario Secondary School Teacher's Federation

OSSTF District 19 Peel (where Meadowvale is located)
Ontario Teacher's Federation

Parents of Peel

People Against Commercial Television in Schools (PACTS)

People for Education

Retired Teachers of Ontario

Toronto District School Board


Association for Media Education Quebec
The Montreal English School Board

Quebec Ministry of Education (YNN is not allowed in Quebec schools)

Nova Scotia

Association for Media Literacy Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia Home and School Association
Nova Scotia Ministry of Education (YNN not allowed in NS schools)
Nova Scotia Teachers' Union

New Brunswick

New Brunswick Ministry of Education (YNN not allowed in NB Schools)


PEI Ministry of Education (YNN not allowed in PEI schools)