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John Pungente is familiar to movie buffs as the host of Scanning the Movies, a fixture on the Bravo! lineup for the past 10 years.

John is back on Bravo! again with Beyond the Screen*. Using footage and interviews the cast and crew, Beyond the Screen examines the featured film's genre, themes, filmmaking techniques and the movie's relevance in the world at large.

John Pungente uncovers the many levels of meaning embedded in the movies. "There are few people who have not seen The Wizard of Oz. One of my favorite moments comes toward the end of the movie when Dorothy pulls aside the curtain and reveals the truth about the wizard," he says. "In Beyond the Screen, we want to pull back the curtain on the movies we watch."

*Beyond the Screen is co-produced by CCI Entertainment Ltd and the Jesuit Communications Project, and is part of CTV's media education programming.