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John Pungente: Articles On Media Literacy


The Media Literacy Online Project is pleased to present selected articles by John Pungente, S.J. Father Pungente is the founder of the Jesuit Communication Project in Toronto, Canada. He is an educator and international consultant on issues related to children, youth, and the media. He is on the Board of Directors for the Association for Media Literacy.

Father Pungente is currently host of Screening The Movies a series devoted to giving audiences new ways of appreciating and crtically understanding movies. He is also a co-author of the award wining Scanning Television a multi-media resource kit for educators.

Live Long And Prosper: Media Literacy in the USA. Provides a comprehensive overview of media literacy organizations and leaders in the United States.

To Morph Or Not To Morph In early November, the Ontario Branch of the Canadian Broadcast Standards Council (CBSC) declared that Mighty Morphin Power Rangers - a television show aimed at 9 to 12 years olds - was too violent for Canadian television. This article explores the decission making processes involved in that the CBSC declaration.

The Second Spring: Media Literacy in Canada's Schools "Media literacy in secondary schools has begun to develop in the western Canadian provinces. There is also some interest being shown in the subject in the Atlantic provinces. Quebec has its own stand on Media literacy. In Ontario - where more than one third of all Canadians live - Media literacy is very much alive. The Ontario government has mandated the teaching of media within the English curriculum for grades seven through twelve. There are a number of resources available for teachers and the Association for Media Literacy provides information, workshops, summer schools, a newsletter, and in-service training in media."

Windows on the Landscape - Taking Television Seriously "Perhaps it is time to stop the television-bashing which is so very easy to do and see what we might have missed in joining the general rush to judgement. Too often we look to the past with nostalgia, to the future with hope, and to the present with gloom. There is nothing wrong with getting excited about shows like ER, The X-Files or Picket Fences. But there is a difference, as David Bianculli points out, " . . . between seeing a medium's potential and being its cheerleader, between admiring its finest achievements and embracing everything with equal enthusiasm."