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Beyond The Screen Study Guides. These guides examine each featured film's genre, themes, filmmaking techniques and the movie's relevance in the world at large. Links to viewing the feature film are also provided.

Information Packet: Violence and the Media. Includes video resources; bibliographices on Media Violence and Media Literacy; Children and Media; and Violence and Media.

Media Education Resource Shelf (PDF). A list of resources prepared by Barry Duncan, Ian Esquivel and John Pungente SJ.

Ontario Curriculum: Course Descriptions and Prerequisites. (PDF) Includes English/Media Studies curriculum.

Recommended Readings (PDF) The JCP has created an extensive annotated bibliography related to Media Literacy.


The Canadian Experience: Leading The Way (PDF) or (.doc). An historical overview of the development of media education in Canada, the theory informing Canadian practice, common classroom practices or approaches, resources, and conclusions and implications for future work.

Live Long And Prosper: Media Literacy in the USA. Author: John Pungente SJ. Pungente travels the United States investigating the emerging field of media literacy.

Media-Literacy Guru Needs an Angel. Author: John Haslett Cuff. Thanks largely to the tireless and illuminating work of John Pungente, the Jesuit Communication Project has greatly influenced the evolution of media literacy in Canada. Now budget cuts threaten this organization.

Media Literacy Online Project Article Archive. The extensive collection of articles once a part of the University of Oregon MLOP are now archived on the Jesuit Communication Project web site.

To Morph Or Not To Morph. Author: John J. Pungente, SJ. Canada explores the broadcasting of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers - a show aimed at 9 to 12 years olds - which some consider as being too violent for Canadian television.

Multimedia Missionary: TV Is Not The Devil's Tool. Author: John Haslett Cuff. 'THE real meaning of Christmas" and some genuinely Christian values are projected in prime-time television, according to John Pungente of the Jesuit Communication Project.

Pop goes the Saviour (PDF). Author John Pungente. "... at the movies — and indeed on our TV screens — we begin that pilgrim journey into the unknown to discover that we are more than who or what we think we are. We observe and reflect upon the actions and choices of the characters that attract our attention, and on the worlds in which they find themselves. We also reflect upon the way those characters and worlds are presented to us. We fashion our lives and the contexts we live in. Such contemplation is more than media literacy; it is genuine spiritual literacy. It may be a minor miracle but such spiritual literacy grows out of the pop culture of this mass-mediated world in which we live."

The Second Spring: Media Literacy in Canada's Schools. Canada is a vast nation - the largest in the world now that the Soviet Union has broken up - with a relatively small population of about twenty six million. In fact, there are more people in the state of California than in all of Canada. Canada's ten provinces and two northern territories each have their own education system. With responsibility for education resting in the hands of the provinces, there are differences in how each province deals with media literacy. This article explores those different approaches.

Scanning The Movies. Scanning The Movies also happens to be one of Canadian television's best-kept secrets, even though it's hosted, co-written and co-produced by Toronto's John Pungente, a Jesuit priest and internationally renowned media literacy expert.

TV's Best Kept Secret. Scanning The Movies also happens to be one of Canadian television's best-kept secrets, even though it's hosted, co-written and co-produced by Toronto's John Pungente, a Jesuit priest and internationally renowned media literacy expert.

Windows on the Landscape - Taking Television Seriously. Perhaps it is time to stop the television bashing which is so very easy to do and see what we might have missed in joining the general rush to judgment.


Finding God In The Dark. The 2004 book published by Novalis, Finding God in the Dark: The Spiritual Experience of St. Ignatius Go to the Movies, presents a means of experiencing the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius of Loyola using medium of commercial film. Written by John Pungente, SJ and Monty Williams, SJ, a retreat director at Loyola House in Guelph, the book recognizes that most people crave a spiritual life that integrates their daily lives but are simply too busy to do much about that. Instead of an intense and interruptive 30-day retreat, the book offers people a more practical way to make the Exercises, using contemporary popular film, where watching the film under review becomes an act of contemplative prayer. The authors designed their book for use by individuals or groups.

Their book illustrates the Ignatian spirit behind all the activities of the Jesuit Communication Project. St. Ignatius had the insight that we all live in imagined worlds, and that our imagination constructs the worlds in which we live, using our experiences, or lived contexts, our hopes, our pains and our joys. In effect we live in a highly selective world, and this world defines what is possible for us. It also defines how we see ourselves and how we interact with others and the contexts in which we find ourselves.

The book presents the basic insight that God's own media is the Christ and the Christ incarnates the divine mercy of God in the world. The medium is not only the message and the massage but here it becomes, even more radically, the dynamics of the one doing the Exercises. We become the living word of God in our world. For Ignatius this is "contemplation in action."

The book won the 2005 Catholic Press Association's First Place Award for Spirituality. Monty Williams, SJ is also an Associate of the Jesuit Communication Project and gives of his time to assist in a number of JCP Projects.

In 2011, the authors revised their book for a second edition - available from Novalis. It won Second Place at the Catholic Press Association Awards - soft cover category.

First Place Award - May 27, 2005 - annual Catholic Press Association Awards in the category of "Spirituality". John J. Pungente, SJ and Monty Williams, SJ. Finding God in the Dark: Taking the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius to the Movies. – Novalis, 2004 (PDF)