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The award wining Scanning Television examines a wide variety of subjects ranging from the evolution of communications technology and the the Internet, to youth advertising, pop culture, culture jamming, international news media, 9-11, and the history of film and television.

MediaTelevision, a program that examines "the art and science of persuasion" has contributed 25 videos including behind the scenes visits to controversial broadcasters Al-Jazeera and Radio Havana, as well as examinations the role of pop stars in advertising and the use of digital technology in advertising and broadcasting. Michael Moore and The Awful Truth provide two episodes that draw attention to the history of deceptive advertising by the tobacco industry and and focus media attention on police shootings of minorities.

The multimedia package includes 51 short videos and a teaching guide designed by teachers to energize classroom discussion and develop media literacy skills.

What reviewers are saying about Scanning Television, Second Edition

"I know of no other product as good as SCANNING TELEVISION, 2nd Edition! The authors, all highly respected international media educators, have taken rich, relevant content and packaged it in a way that makes it easy for classroom teachers to integrate into instruction. Two thumbs up......way up! " Frank Baker, media educator, Columbia SC

Guaranteed winners with your students "plenty of meat for a teacher and class to chew on in their media explorations" Chris M. Worsnop (read full review).

Winner -Platinum Award
36th World Festival - Houston International Film and Video Festival- 2003

World Festival - Houston International Film and Video Festival Scanning Television, Second Edition, a media literacy project produced and directed by Gary Marcuse and John Pungente, won the Platinum Award, Best Educational / Instructional Film and Video for Youth at the 36th World Festival - Houston International Film and Video Festival.


Winner - Bronze Plaque
Columbus International Film and Video Festival -1996

The festival is a well known educational media festival and one of the top along with the Houson and Charleston Worldfests, the New York Festival, and the National Educational Media Network (NEMN) in Oakland. Top award in a category is the Chris Award, followed by the Bronze Plaque.

Winner: New York Festivals: Gold Medal for Education (General) Series


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